Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

Mon - Fri       7:30am - 5:00pm

Saturday       8:00am - 4:00pm

Sunday         Closed

What are your charge rates?

We charge industrial and handyman items hired for up to 4 hours at a half day rate and items hired over 4 hours and under 8 hours at a day rate.  
A 24 hour rate may be applied to some items, eg trailers.
Party hire charges relate to per function and time out is negotiable, eg. Party lights, trestle tables etc. for a Saturday evening could be collected Saturday and returned 7.30am Monday and one charge would apply.

Are there any extra charges other than the hire price?


A bond will be required, refundable when items are returned in good order and undamaged.
Consumables, eg fuel, bar oil, gas, sandpaper etc. may be required with some hire items.
Blade charges may apply to items such as concrete saws, brick saws etc.
A chain sharpening charge will be applied to chainsaws.
A cleaning charge will apply to items returned in a dirty condition.
A charge for damage may be applied in cases of damage.  This includes punctures, blade damage on concrete saws etc.
Late return will incur an additional charge.

I only want to use this equipment for 1 hour.  Why do I have to pay a half day rate?

There are two basic charge rates.  A half day or a full day.  A half day is 4 hours and a full day is 8 hours. It is not economically viable for us to hire equipment out for less than the half day rate.  Some equipment requires regular maintenance, some WOF, registrations, and instruction at despatch.  All equipment incurs insurance and storage costs.  You may want the equipment for 1 hour but we store it for 12 months in order for you to use it for one hour and take into consideration the original cost of the item.  

I want to use this equipment overnight. What will it cost?

If you pick up the item at 4.45pm and return it at 7.30am the next morning we regard that as a half day hire.  If you are late returning the item and haven’t made an acceptable pre-arrangement about return you will be charged a day rate, with additional charges if the item is not back by 12pm.

Am I insured when I drive out the gate with this hire item?

No.  You must make your own insurance arrangements with regard all hire items.  

What if this item is stolen while in my possession?

You need to attend to your own insurance requirements.  The hirer is liable for all damage and losses.

Why isn’t a half day hire charged at half the cost of a day rate?

A hirer may hire an item at 10.30, resulting in one hire in the day.  Therefore the half day rate reflects that only one hire can take place in the day.